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Thank you for being here
Limited-Edition Artist Multiples commissioned by Forest City Gallery, 2020

The pressure to be creative and productive during the slow down of the pandemic weighs heavily on many people, yet the reality is that just being is enough.

"Thank you for being here" is one half of a project initiated by Forest City Gallery. The aim of the project is to remind everyone that they are appreciated in all that they do—from responsible social distancing to working on the frontlines, every role is an important one.

Drawing from the functionality of an "open" and "closed" sign, the project functions as a symbol of solidarity and support; a positive message of reassurance in uncertain times.

April 2020 Forest City Gallery commissioned a Limited-Edition run of Artist Multiples from Monica Joy and Toronto-based artist Owen Marshall. Responding to the closures and physical distancing measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked together to each create a window sign as a means of communicating with the communities that we've all been missing.

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